Package fileconvert

Class Summary
basicshapes This class acts as a helper and provides primitive object shapes in Info3d form
coord A utility class for holding a 3 coordinate point Note that in all the other classes coordinate refers to a 3 coordinate point
ExampleFileFilter A convenience implementation of FileFilter that filters out all files except for those type extensions that it knows about.
Info3d A container class for storing all the 3d Information
LoadAN8 This class loads an Anim8or(*.AN8) file
LoadDXF This class loads a AutoCAD(*.DXF) file
LoaderUI A simple User Interface for the FileConv Classes
LoadLWO This class loads a Lightwave Object(*.LWO)
LoadNFF This class loads a Neutral ASCII File Format File(*.NFF)
LoadOBJ This class loads a WaveFront(*.OBJ) file
LoadVRML This class loads a Virtual Reality Modeling Language (*.WRL) file
LoadVRMLj3d This class loads a VRML (*.WRL) file to java3d
Transform This class acts as a helper and performs translation, rotation and scaling functions on Info3d
WriteAN8 This class Writes a AN8 File
WriteDXF This class writes a DXF file
WriteLWO This class writes a LWO file
WriteNFF This class writes a NFF file
WriteOBJ This class writes a OBJ file
WriteVRML This class writes a VRML file