FileConv - A set of utility classes that load from and write to various file formats. These classes can be used to load 3d files into 3d applications and games. They can also be used alone to convert between various formats. This allows people using different 3d modeling/animation applications to work on the same project and utilize the good features of all these applications.

v 0.1
Formats Supported:
    Neutral ASCII File Format(*.NFF)
    Lightwave Object(*.LWO)
    Virtual Reality Modeling Language(*.WRL)
- Geometry Loading and Writing classes for all the above formats
- Quick Data Format w/ flexible data arrays Using colt classes
- Simple and Easy to use User Interface (see Screenshots)

Prospects for v0.2
Add new formats:
    3D Studio(*.3DS)
    3D Studio(*.ASC)
    Pixar Renderman
    TrueSpace (*.COB)

Add new features:
- UV coordinate and texture map loading/writing
- Normal Coordinate loading/writing
- 3d viewer interface for viewing models after loading (using gl4java)
- j3d Extension class for converting to java3d API
- Fix the major WriteLWO bug and other minor bugs